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HeliThread Inserts

Our Helicoil type thread inserts are precision formed screw thread coils of stainless steel wire having a diamond shape cross section. Helicoil type precision formed wire inserts are readily recognized and highly regarded products in the industry. Since its inseption, HeliThread has been identified as an industry leader offering products with superior performance, reliability and integrity.

Solve Your Thread Problems

Quickly and easily repair stripped or damaged threads, or create stronger original threads in die castings or plastics with our Helicoil type Screw Thread Inserts. Coil tension securely holds the insert in place without undue tension on the surrounding material. The inserts are vibration and impact resistant. Made from corrosion resistant stainless steel, they offer a wide temperature tolerance.

Wire thread inserts, also known as helicals, and advanced thread installation tooling systems are designed for OEMs to create strong threads in their production. The thread inserts (helicals) and tooling systems further quicken the installation process and make it easier to manage.

Helical Inserts are often known by the brand names Helicoil or Recoil Screw Thread Inserts. Our Thread Helical Inserts are interchangeable with other brands of inserts and tooling. This Stainless Steel inserts are 50% stronger than the original thread.

Thread Inserts Adavantages

  • Repair stripped and damaged threads ON THE SPOT
  • Cut costly DOWN-TIME and production bottlenecks
  • Use PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE fix before it happens
  • End need for welding, plugging, enlarging, scrapping
  • Stop sending out thread repair jobs
  • Restore threads to size quickly and permanently